Engineering Metrics

(c)XKCD Wisdom It’s been a lot said and done on the field of engineering management metrics. But unfortunately, development teams have a very controversial perception of the metrics, thus it becomes more of the communication issue for the engineering managers or project managers, to introduce those metrics within a group. Speaking of the metrics, I’ve ended up working on the following metrics, that helped me forecast the team productivity and products deliverables....

September 5, 2023 · 6 min · anvyst

Pint and Larastan - pre-commit hooks

Adding laravel/pint and nunomaduro/larastan into your Laravel project using composer with --dev prefix. For both tools, we need to have configuration files, pint.json and phpstan.neon.dist in order to work. The minimal configuration for pint would look like: { "preset": "laravel" } And for larastan, following configuration is recommended: includes: - ./vendor/nunomaduro/larastan/extension.neon parameters: paths: - app/ # Level 9 is the highest level level: 5 Once added, we need to place the following bash script into ....

July 12, 2023 · 1 min · anvyst

Waiting for creativity

Theres a popular notion that artists work from inspiration - that there’s some strike or bolt or bubbling up of creative mojo from who knows where… but I hope (my work) makes clear that waiting for inspiration to strike is a >terrible, terrible plan. In fact, perhaps the single best piece of advice i can afford to anyone trying to do creative work is to ignore inspiration. Mason Currey.

February 5, 2021 · 1 min · anvyst

Definition of "done"

It’s been a long way for the definition to get to this blog post, so i’ll choose the one which favors the most, meanwhile its revision history: Paul M Jones: Definition of “Done” [2016] Mehdi Khalili: Definition of “Done” in MVC project [2011] Paul Stovell: “Done” criteria [2010] AgileFAQ: definition of “done” [2007-10] An example Story definition of done would look like this. All story should have automated acceptance test. The story should have working code supported by unit test that provide around 60 – 70 percent coverage....

November 20, 2016 · 2 min · anvyst

C2P productivity ratio

If you’ve been reading startup blogs for years and never started anything, it’s time to accept that your tendency is to be a consumer. Rob Walling An article worth reading, as well as the result of the case study by Matt Jaynes with him dealing with C2P ratio. Consuming for the pure love of learning is absolutely ok. Producing purely because you have a fire that won’t die until you do is fine, too....

November 6, 2015 · 1 min · anvyst