Working with lots of projects at the same time in, I started to get confused on which branch I’m currently working.

Going back to the terminal, to check the diffs and commits, became a time waste in my daily routine, so I took a break during lunch, to get my vim plugins an upgrade. The catch of the day is the following:


Vim-Airline is a powerful status/tabline facelift of a default statusline with lots of customizations, and useful information on the files you work with. It nicely fits solarized theme, has color shift on different modes:

vim-airline demo

vim-airline with solarized theme enabled


Vim-gitgutter – is currently my favorite. The plugin identifies on-the-fly differences in the files you’re working in.

gitgutter diff

gitgutter diff with numbers on


And last, but not the least for today – git wrapper for vim – vim-fugitive. It comes very useful with its set of git commands that you can access directly from vim, for example:

* :Gblame - now you can blame yourself in all the bugs
* :Gstatus - what's the status?
* :Gbrowse - redirects you to repositories file in github/bitbucket
* :Gcommit - let the fun begin

And just to complete the list of cools stuff, I must mention tagbar, that I’ve been using for long time, and its phpctags addon, that can make your life easier with better PHP support.

To summarize it all, a bit of editors fun from Twitter: