320 theme collections from Rainglow

Rainglow published a great collection of editor themes, available for vim, Atom, sublime, XCode, etc.

Darkside Theme sample

Answer to the Ultimate question of life the universe and everything

The ultimate answer reached over a million views. From the creators of:

Vim: statusline and git customizations

Working with lots of projects at the same time in qobo.biz, I started to get confused on which branch I’m currently working.

Going back to the terminal, to check the diffs and commits, became a time waste in my daily routine, so I took a break during lunch, to get my vim plugins an upgrade. The catch of the day is the following:


Vim-Airline is a powerful status/tabline facelift of a default statusline with lots of customizations, and useful information on the files you work with. It nicely fits solarized theme, has color shift on different modes:

vim-airline demo

vim-airline with solarized theme enabled


Vim-gitgutter – is currently my favorite. The plugin identifies on-the-fly differences in the files you’re working in.

gitgutter diff

gitgutter diff with numbers on


And last, but not the least for today – git wrapper for vim – vim-fugitive. It comes very useful with its set of git commands that you can access directly from vim, for example:

* :Gblame - now you can blame yourself in all the bugs
* :Gstatus - what's the status?
* :Gbrowse - redirects you to repositories file in github/bitbucket
* :Gcommit - let the fun begin

And just to complete the list of cools stuff, I must mention tagbar, that I’ve been using for long time, and its phpctags addon, that can make your life easier with better PHP support.

To summarize it all, a bit of editors fun from Twitter:

Recent post from Wynn made me cry, because I’ve realized that I haven’t been updating some of the API documentations for quiet some time!

Whether I’m working on docsguides, or books, Vim is my jam. In order to curb my use of these weasel words, I added some formatting rules to mydotfiles.

Forked, added. Doc files are sparkling with these parasite words.