Mental models: Qantas Flight 32 Documentary

That moment is really the turning point,” Barbara Burian, a research psychologist at NASA who has studied Qantas Flight 32, told me. “Most of the time, when information overload occurs, we’re not aware it’s happening—and that’s why it’s so dangerous. So really good pilots push themselves to do a lot of ‘what if’ exercises before an event, running through scenarios in their heads. That way, when an emergency happens, they have models they can use.

Charles Duhigg. “Smarter. faster. Better”

Models help us choose where to direct our attention, so we can make decisions, rather than just react. Qantas Flight is referenced quiet often as one of the success stories for mental modelling in crisis situations.

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Ember.js: Documentary

Honeypot filmed a great documentary on Ember.js and the story of its development. Brings up so many good memories from 2016.

Back then, I was taking up by an ambitious task of re-writing the checkout service of the company I used work in, from plain PHP with monstrous AJAX spaghetti code, to something more stable, and consistent.

Seeing a pure MVC architecture in JS framework was a real surprise for me, as most of the codebase I faced back then, didn’t have any structure.

Frankly speaking, it was a nightmare going through all that legacy code. However, it took me less than a month to get a full working prototype on Ember to be released as production-ready substitute of the checkout system.

Every now and then I try keeping an eye on the community and where Ember.js is heading. Though, most of the hype on the web is still around React/Vue/Svetle, Ember.js was always famous for its community, that not all open-source project can boast about.

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“Choose Life” from Trainspotting 2

In 90s Irvine Welsh published “Trainspotting“, that soon became a bestseller and was filmed by Danny Boyle.

An anthem of punk subculture, and anarchy portrayed by Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller following great cast. 20 years later, the story got its continuation in “T2: Trainspotting”.  Same characters, 20 years older, and somewhat wiser, facing pretty much same problems and unresolved conflicts.

One of the famous monologues from the first movie intro puts an end to what life film characters have chosen: