It’s my 90s

3 years ago, I wrote about this great video from Vimeo user MorskoiKotik. This time it’s a throwback to 90s nostalgia:

It’s my 80’s

Vimeo user MorskoiKotik summed up all the movies from 80s we grew up upon in this video:

  • Back in Future,
  • Terminator,
  • Predator,
  • Lethal Weapon,
  • Die Hard,
  • Cobra.

That is truly an old school gathered here. Plus, everything is themed with synth pop/new wave tunes from “Dance of the Dead”.

Dance with the Dead artist on Spotify

Jakwob – No place like home

I think I bought already all the singles from Jakwob.

This guys is a real talent! Singles like “Fade”, “Electrify”, “Somebody New”. This one just keeps playing on repeat for few days already:

Fort Minor – Right Now. Oldies

Fort Minor – Right Now