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Classic programmer paintings

“Github Major Service Outage”. Georges Seurat, 1884

Brilliant collection of classical oil paintings with modern interpretation. 

“InfoSec team verifies security flaw.”
Caravaggio, 1601-1602

Slashdot comments on Superfish from Lenovo

Geeez!!! TWO ‘highly-regarded’ tech companies (Samsung, Lenovo) discovered to be spying on customers in the SAME WEEK!

I think i’ll just go buy stock in companies selling pencils and paper .. OH screw!! Those pens exist that ‘bluetooth’ what you write, into digital form!!! )
^&^-ed again!!

Slashdot burns

Slashdot just made my day! And for those who missed out all the fun regarding this Man-in-the-Middle vulnerability there’s a nice article by Russ Doty.