Since our earliest days of writing software, we were warned of perils of global data – how it was invented by demons from the fourth plane of hell, which is the resting place of any programmer who dares to use it.

(C) Refactoring, 2nd Edition

JavaScript issues in one picture

javascript problems graph

The picture looks a bit outdated as it misses gazillion of trendy frameworks and transpilers but still relevant to the subject

Apple, Google and You

Apple Google and You

It’s old, but still relevant to the topic. I’m pretty sure that everybody had this kind of interface on one of their jobs. I’m pretty sure it’s still there! First rule of UI club – you don’t talk about crap UI’s you designed in the club.

We are going to build a framework!

And they built it!

Evolution of Software industry


Note: Unfortunately Gary removed this tweet from his account :/