Simplenote went fully open-source

One the reasons why I love about Automattic – is its freedom and community-driven development:

simplenote app

We are announcing today that all of the official Simplenote client apps are now Open Source Software under the GPLv2 license.


As an avid notes keeper, I used to  try various apps: 

So far, Simplenote stayed longer than all of the above. Minimal UI, that has only what’s required to keep notes organised. Synchronisation on desktop/mobile devices with available apps

Management inside Automattic

Great article describes how Automattic handles most of the managerial routines, and keep things running:

The great irony in this, of course, is Mullenweg himself.

In the jazz ensemble, Mullenweg’s notes overrode everything. “I’m married to WordPress,” he told me.

All the high-stakes decisions for all three organisations were made by him – and often low-stakes ones as well.

Employees jokingly referred to the following common occurrence as “Matt bombing,”


Automattic valued 1B

Great products, small productive teams. A place to work!

Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and other Web publishing tools, has raised $160 million from investors.

Including Insight Venture Partners, CEO Matt Mullenweg confirmed.

The round values the nine-year-old company at $1.16 billion. After the investment, which is its first since it raised $12 million in 2008.