Things I find worth mentioning and keeping here, as a side note.

Shortest explanation of Marketing

The first step is to invent a thing worth making, a story worth telling, a contribution worth talking about.

The second step is to design and build it in a way that people will actually benefit from and care about.

The third one is the one everyone gets all excited about. This is the step where you tell the story to the right people in the right way.

The last step is so often overlooked: The part where you show up, regularly, consistently and generously, for years and years, to organize and lead and build confidence in the change you seek to make.

Marketing in 4 steps

That’s what it’s all about.

How many seconds a day have?

Pretty neat example of how you shouldn’t calculate days/weeks from Swizec Teller.

If you think that day is equal 60 * 60 *24 seconds – this post’s for you.

Thanks to the wonder that is daylight savings time (DST), we have a day that’s only 23 hours long.

We also have a day that’s 25 hours long. Then, every few years, we have a day that’s 86,401 seconds long.

In theory, we could even have a day that’s 86,399 seconds long. It’s unlikely, but it’s possible.

Bored with your free time?

This tweet had to land here without any doubts, as those who maintained open-source projects know the drill. 

In case this tweet disappears, or something happens in far far future:

Fedy – tweaking your Fedora

Soon, soon I’ll get back to Linux, but for now, this link remains here.

Cassandra at Github: integration

John Nunemaker on implementation of Analytics at Github using Cassandra:

The collector became a Rails app with one purpose – to receive events and queue them in Kestrel, which I used on Gauges.

The processor pulled from the queue and stored the raw data in Cassandra. The other component of processing (Hadoop) then iterated the raw data on intervals and turned it into aggregated “indexes”.

The reporter became a Rails app with one purpose as well, to receive API requests from and read the data required to fulfil the request from Cassandra.