GitHub: closing issues via commit messages

If anyone missed it (like I did), it’s worth noting due to my ultimate laziness:

When you enter “Fixes #45” into a commit message, issue #45 is closed once that commit is merged into your default branch. If the bug isn’t fixed in your default branch, the issue remains open. Once the commit with the fix is merged into your default branch, the issue is automatically closed.

If you make a commit in a non-default branch with the “Fixes #33” syntax, the issue is referenced with a tooltip.

You can use any of the following keywords to close an issue via commit message:

  • close
  • closes
  • closed
  • fixes
  • fixed
  • resolve
  • resolves
  • resolved

Slack: team communication

Slack: communication tools
Slack: communication tools

This is just a perfect example of B2B communication tools. Free to 8USD/mo+ is more than enough to setup a standard communication tool in a small company (i.e. startup, or SMB) just to cut the never ending story on xmpp/skype/email/etc.

And as any geek, they got me on “integration” section:

  • GitHub
  • Asana
  • Dropbox
  • Nagios

For those who’s got a missing bit of team communication in their shipping/communication chain for product delivery. This one’s for you folks!

SQL reinsert row in the same table

Seems that we have a competitor to “export to csv” sql query that I keep forgetting every time I need to export something in the CSV file.

The second nominee is reinserting the row into the same database but with a new primary key.

# YOURID - source record
# yourtable - target table;

SELECT @new_id:=((SELECT id FROM yourtable ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1) + 1); 
UPDATE tmp_table SET id=@new_id WHERE id =YOURID; 
INSERT INTO yourtable SELECT * FROM tmp_table WHERE id=@new_id;


500px hits commercial marketplace

On the heels of our 500px Marketplace relaunch, we are hard at work building a brand new commercial licensing marketplace based on the feedback of our 500px Community.

This new marketplace will service commercial licensors of photography from the news, editorial, advertising and various other communities who are interested in licensing work by members of the 500px community.

If you are interested in commercially licensed photography from 500px, join our mailing list to be kept updated on our progress toward launch. Member photographers on 500px are being reached on an individual basis, based on their online portfolio, to participate in our pre-launch program.

Good news for 500px. Really nice user-friendly service, with lots of great photos.  Go and check yourself 😉