Friday pint talks with fellow inhouse developers

X:- Hey, we’ve recently launched a cool piece of NDA in our proprietary NDA.
Y:- Sounds great. How did you manage to prototype it?
X:- Well, we took some NDA, with NDA, cuz the first one had some problems with caching, and with some NDA, we got this NDA to work!
Y:- Why did you use this NDA, when NDA we use in the company does NDA better, it’s more NDA, NDA and NDA that this!

Open-source helps people socialize! šŸ˜‰

Basically, and obviously it’s about me

Recent post from Wynn made me cry, because I’ve realized that I haven’t been updating some of the API documentations for quiet some time!

Whether I’m working onĀ docs,Ā guides, orĀ books, Vim is my jam. In order to curb my use of these weasel words, I added someĀ formatting rulesĀ to mydotfiles.

Forked, added. Doc files are sparkling with these parasite words.

Migrating to finale

Migration to was accomplished in few days, taking in account domain transfers and all required procedures.

First impressions – fast, really fast, even though I haven’t tried our free CDN network, just for doing some benchmarking, but overall – everything is tuned and migrated smoothly.

Couple of glitches were found in the Control Panel of Fozzy billing, which I’ve already included in the milestones, and will try to resolve soon.

As for now – massive blogging is coming through, stay tuned! šŸ˜‰