Here must be a very creative text about me, and some things I’ve achieved in my life. Well, not this time!


My name is Andrey , and almost half of my life I live in Cyprus - an island lost on the borders of EU and Middle East.

I’ve graduated Frederick University with BSc in Computer Science with excellence, and since then my hobby became also my profession. Apart of programming, I received a Master in BA from European University Cyprus with Operations Management and HRM specialisation.

From there on, I’ve been working in:

If you need more details on my work, you can either check GitHub, StackOverflow or LinkedIn profiles.

I’m mostly working with open-source systems, and remain a big fan of WordPress community and their services. I also have a long history of working with CakePHP (since version 1.3) framework.

As a historical tribute to my first scripting language (that was Perl back in uni days), I’m still supporting it, and even code some with Mojolicious framework from time to time.