Here must be a very creative text about me, and some things I’ve achieved in my life. Well, not this time!

My name is Andrey , and almost half of my life I live in Cyprus – great island that constitutes itself as part of the European Union, but historically been in the middle of everything in the Middle East region.

By some mystical coincidence, I’ve managed to graduate from Frederick University with BSc in Computer Science with excellence, and since then my hobby became also my profession. In one of those years when I got bored with computers, I managed to find time and got myself an MBA in Human Resource and Operations Management, which saved me already couple of times.

The rest of the text can be prefixed with the word “occasionally”:

  • I occasionally write in my English and Russian blogs
  • I occasionally make photos with my Olympus/Canon cameras. People say they’re good – most of it is rubbish, but, who cares!
  • I occasionally hike/ride the bike/camp.