Honeypot filmed a great documentary on Ember.js and the story of its development. Brings up so many good memories from 2016.

Back then, I was taking up by an ambitious task of re-writing the checkout service of the company I used work in, from plain PHP with monstrous AJAX spaghetti code, to something more stable, and consistent.

Seeing a pure MVC architecture in JS framework was a real surprise for me, as most of the codebase I faced back then, didn’t have any structure.

Frankly speaking, it was a nightmare going through all that legacy code. However, it took me less than a month to get a full working prototype on Ember to be released as production-ready substitute of the checkout system.


Every now and then I try keeping an eye on the community and where Ember.js is heading. Though, most of the hype on the web is still around React/Vue/Svetle, Ember.js was always famous for its community, that not all open-source project can boast about.