HubSpot tech blog published great article on job balancing and tech leads paradox of gatekeepers gardeners. You might be a gatekeeper if:

  1. your team regularly waits for you to review their PRs.
  2. your team waits to do the next thing assigned to them instead of taking initiative to find projects for themselves
  3. you hesitate to go on vacation because you’re concerned your team will struggle in your absence

On the opposite. A gardener might:

  1. Forego reviewing work, or let other members of the team take on the responsibility.
  2. Let the team handle their own task management, trusting they understand the needs of the customer, business, and team
    encourage members to build relationships on and off the team.
  3. Let the team experience failure, trusting in their accountability to fix their problems and learn from their mistakes
  4. Have their team take on grungy work along with the “fun” work, because they understand the value of it

Great overview of these two roles people occasionally take once becoming managers/tech leads.