Cyprus web studios: domain purchase for 13 EUR, are you serious?

Going through some of the web studios on the island, I was amazed on skyscraping prices on domain registrations. .com/.net/.org TLD’s for over 13 EUR. I just got couple of questions to those who actually do the reselling of these services:

  1. Under which contact name the domains will be registered? What about VAT?
  2. Over 5 EUR overprice, do you really think that customers won’t find which service you use to register the domains cheaper than your offer?
  3. What’s included in this 5 EUR?

Regarding the prices, I’m going to leave this one here for sake of price comparison (dumping?!):

Fozzy domain registration prices



  1. 13 EUR is nothing … I’ve personally done way way WAY more expensive domain registrations. We are talking new .com with the non-exact company name, long, which will be completely useless to anyone else.

    Don’t forget that you are a technical guy who knows what a domain is, what it can be used for, where to buy one, how to host one, how to maintain one, etc. You are a minority. 🙂

    • anvyst

      2015-05-29 at 15:45

      Fully agree with you, I had to mention what domain names I was talking about. No doubt, that domains like are enormously expensive.
      My point was, that doing reselling of certain domain registrars (ResellerClub, GoDaddy, Enom, you name it) for 13 EUR for .com/.net/.org TLD’s it’s almost 50% overpriced. I think it’s not competitive. For a webstudio selling 3-4 domains per month, it might be the subject of income.
      I kind of got used to the concept of economies of scale – selling 100+ domains per month with less oversell, gives you good/stable income on long-term basis.

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