CakePHP 3 adopts PSR-2

Recently read this article from James Watts:

By adopting PSR-2 we can remove or reduce the code we maintain related to enforcing coding standards – as there are common tools, used by the rest of the community, to validate and revise CS issues, without requiring exceptions.

Looks like it’s time to re-write our internal modules with PSR-2 standards in mind, if we want to share them with open-source community.

2 thoughts on “CakePHP 3 adopts PSR-2”

  1. Are you using CakePHP 3 already? If not, don’t worry much about it. Because you’ll probably need to rewrite your modules for CakePHP 3 anyway. 🙂 (hint – models)

    1. I’ve tried migrating some of the code we have from 2.x to 3.x. Not really clear if rewriting it in 3.x is more time-consuming than migrating it from 2.x.

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